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Oh, can I ever identify with that, Deb! Did you ever think we'd get to this stage? Well, at least there are two of us crazies out here! Thanks for your comment!


Debbie Fiedeldey

Lorie, I am so with you!!!! Here is one of my brain fart moments....The kids and I were watching Monday Night football, and Hank Williams Jr. came on. I said to my son Nick,(who loves country music), "Do you know who that is?" He replied "no". At that moment, I could not remember his name for the life of me, even though I knew exactly who he was! After a 5 minute paas, my son says "Who is it Mom?", it came to me! I really hate looking so stupid in front of my children. You are right, they so take advantage of my brain farts. They could tell me anything, and just say "I already told you that", what else can I say, but "maybe you did, but I don't remember".....sigh. Thanks for sharing your stories, they make me laugh, and feel like I'm not the only crazy one out there!

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